Noticing : A Story Through Different Genres (1/4)

This piece is an example of Flash Fiction. This is part one of four of my "A Story Through Different Genres" series. Some like this one are a little shorter, while others are a little longer. Not too long though, I promise. I will have a new one coming out each week so you don't… Continue reading Noticing : A Story Through Different Genres (1/4)

Weekend Adventures: Beauty and the Beast Tea

The weekend after my family left my slowly recovering self (check out my Hospitalized in London post for more information) was when my schools had their Yorkshire trip. With how I was feeling I decided to stay instead of spending three days at a hostel and lots of hours in a bus + walking up… Continue reading Weekend Adventures: Beauty and the Beast Tea

How to Plan a Cheap Trip VS. What I’m Doing

So I went on an impromptu weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. This is obviously very spontaneous, I had nothing booked, and I don’t normally do this. In future I will be following these steps better and am trying to apply them now. How these work for you is dependent on how you like to travel.… Continue reading How to Plan a Cheap Trip VS. What I’m Doing

Cinemas: London vs. America

Last Thursday I went to my first movie since I’ve been in London. It was “A Simple Favor” starting Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. The actresses were amazing and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t originally planned to go when I did, however my mother, who hadn’t really shown any interest, went without and before… Continue reading Cinemas: London vs. America