To My One and Only: A Story Though Different Genres (3/4)

This is an example of a letter.

This is part three of four of my “A Story Through Different Genres” series. Part four will be out next Thursday, January 31st. If you like the story and/or concept please let me know and I will either continue this story or make “A Story Through Different Genres” a new part of my blog; probably its own category with different stories. I hope you enjoy.

To My One and Only

My dearest Emma,

I would like to start by telling you how sad it makes me that you did not appreciate my gift. I worked for hours, in a dingy park, far away from my home, far from you, just to make you happy. When I heard you sneer and fret after seeing the report in The London Investigation I was severely disappointed in you.

You didn’t even seem to realize the significance of it. It was on the eve of our anniversary. I timed it perfectly, so you would see it at exactly five-twenty-eight and seventy-nine seconds. The exact moment we meet a year ago. It was even in our spot under the tree, the one where we shared our first conversation. I remember the screaming of children, and how you laughed at their interactions. I knew you must be laughing at the boys pushing around that pathetic little runt.

Didn’t you notice which boy found it? We gave that Jacky boy quite a fright. God, I wish I had stayed around to see it. Of course, I had to get back to you though. My love, I couldn’t let you wake alone on our anniversary.

I know I should just be telling you all of this: explaining instead of being distant. You know how I get. I’ve always been one more for action. Though, I should point out the twenty-seven stabs. The exact number of times I’ve told you I love you and you’ve looked over, giving me this crooked smile. You always change the subject afterwards. I know how shy you are. He even died after the first three: how many times I had to ask you out before you said yes.

Darling, you mean the world to me. Your smile, so big and red, can never be recreated. I tried. I promise, I tried so hard, but I failed you. Is that why you didn’t like my gift? I should have picked a better canvas. Should have lured a pretty girl out instead of using what was around. I just didn’t want to make you feel inferior, like you weren’t the only one I see. You must know I would never cheat on you.


The point is I should have tried harder. Next time I’ll do something you can be proud of. I even know where it will be. I’ll go to that coffee shop I stalked ran into you at.

You must promise to like it this time. I don’t want to get mad at you.

Your one and only,

David Terry

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