Breaking News: Boy Finds Dead Body: A Story Through Different Genres (2/4)

This piece is an example of a News Story.

This is part two of four of my “A Story Through Different Genres” series. Part three will be out next Thursday, January 24th. If you like the story and/or concept please let me know and I will either continue this story or make “A Story Through Different Genres” a new part of my blog; probably its own category with different stories. I hope you enjoy.

Breaking News: Boy Finds Dead Body

By: Carlisle M. Ziesig

Date: September 19, 2018

Early this morning a ten-year-old boy who was playing soccer at Bloomsbury park was treated to a truly horrible sight. Under a tree was the body of an undisclosed man. He had been stabbed multiple times, his face disfigured, and his middle finger missing.

At eight-thirty that morning Jackson Craig, the boy who found the corpse, had just arrived at the park. He noticed the seemingly sleeping figure of a man in black. Thinking nothing of it, he went to meet his friends.

Two hours later at ten-thirty while taking a break from practice, he noticed the man had not moved. He called to him with no response. On his approach he noticed him laying sideways, crumbled in on himself.

He kept stepping closer, repeating his questions, until he was close enough to touch the body.

The next thing that was heard through the park was Jacksons “earth shattering” scream as one of the fellow mothers put it. He had rolled the man over to reveal a mouth split from ear-to-ear.

The police arrived five-minutes later, followed by the ambulance. It is estimated that man was murdered at approximately one forty-three AM. The cause of death being only the third of twenty-seven stab wounds.

Beside this John Doe was an empty cigarette box and a small container of unknown origin. Forensic investigators are interested in these, as well as the many cigarette butts littering the ground.

The park will be closed for the duration of the investigation as trace evidence is collected and examined.

We will have more information available on the identity of John Doe, the witness reports, and the investigation’s progress in tomorrow mornings addition.

~ Carlisle M. Ziesig is one of the magazine’s head journalists. She also won a Pultzer Prize for her groundbreaking “Survivalist’s” story.

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