Maybe it was the occasional glint in her eyes, like she knew what she was doing. Maybe it was simply the way her hair shined in the light; how it always looked perfect. Maybe it was the soft, sumptuous curves of her body. Maybe it was the perfect smallness of her being. Maybe it was… Continue reading Maybe


I thought it would be hard. Perhaps it was, perhaps it was the hardest decision of my life, but in that moment it was easy. I wasn’t nervous, wasn’t scared, wasn’t upset. For what felt like the first time I was happy: at peace.    It was probably painful. I think it was why everything… Continue reading Bang

Things People Need to Realize about Mental Illness

It isn’t just us being lazy. It isn’t being tired or weak willed or grumpy. It isn’t us just not wanting to try or change. They are called mental illnesses for a reason.    It is being so weak and tired and powerless that simply breathing takes all of your energy. It is never being… Continue reading Things People Need to Realize about Mental Illness


5 There is no fear Friends surround you Everything is an adventure   10 You notice things you didn’t before Girls are pretty Boys are handsome Not everyone is a friend anymore   12 People look different You look different Fitting in has become a things that needs to happen   14 Kids can be… Continue reading Ages

A Deep Introspection: Sort-of

When we close our eyes and search for something meaningful: when we close our eyes and feel nothing but self-pity, what does it matter? What do these actions help? Sometimes I look in the mirror without seeing. I see features, I see what I look like to everyone else, but I don’t see me. I… Continue reading A Deep Introspection: Sort-of