How to Plan a Cheap Trip VS. What I’m Doing

So I went on an impromptu weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. This is obviously very spontaneous, I had nothing booked, and I don’t normally do this. In future I will be following these steps better and am trying to apply them now. How these work for you is dependent on how you like to travel.… Continue reading How to Plan a Cheap Trip VS. What I’m Doing

Cinemas: London vs. America

Last Thursday I went to my first movie since I’ve been in London. It was “A Simple Favor” starting Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. The actresses were amazing and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t originally planned to go when I did, however my mother, who hadn’t really shown any interest, went without and before… Continue reading Cinemas: London vs. America

My first Bridge-House activity – The Mithraeum

For all FYA or First Year Abroad students my school is trying something new. Like the Hogwarts Houses we have Bridge-Houses. I was picked for Chelsey Bridge, my Bridge-Master being Meghan, who was the best person to be paired with, so its ok. The five houses are run by permanent members of the London staff. A few… Continue reading My first Bridge-House activity – The Mithraeum

Weekend Adventures: Pre-Historic Edition

Today, I went to the Crystal Palace Park in Crystal Palace. This is a beautiful park built in 1852-54 by Sir Joseph Paxton’s company. The parks original reason for existence, the display of the Victorian Crystal Palace, was destroyed in a 1936 fire. After some struggling and purpose changes, mainly a motor racing circuit and… Continue reading Weekend Adventures: Pre-Historic Edition

Things I didn’t Know About London

When I think city, I think fast pace and busy. It is busy, some places are always packed and there are always cars or people on the street. However, when people aren’t rushing around, there are moments of slowness, a pseudo peace. It translates to slowing down through a park or taking time to relax and talk… Continue reading Things I didn’t Know About London

Studying Abroad in London: Pre-conceived Notions

Everyone and everything seems to be classified into one stereotype or another. My image and knowledge of British people and culture as well as London and city life were no different. I like to think that I wasn’t as clouded with these thoughts, given that I had researched and visited London before, but some did remain. For one, the… Continue reading Studying Abroad in London: Pre-conceived Notions