Weekend Adventures: Pre-Historic Edition

Today, I went to the Crystal Palace Park in Crystal Palace. This is a beautiful park built in 1852-54 by Sir Joseph Paxton’s company. The parks original reason for existence, the display of the Victorian Crystal Palace, was destroyed in a 1936 fire. After some struggling and purpose changes, mainly a motor racing circuit and damaged military vehicles/bomb rubble, it found its way back to being a family friendly attraction.

The 1960s addition of the National Sports Centre and Athletic Stadium and remodeling made it the first ‘sports park’ and thus far more popular. When trying to find Dinosaur Court, I stumbled upon the sports centre. I went in and almost asked for directions. Thankfully I was saved the embarrassment of asking were the giant dinosaur statures are by my mom finding the exact address. I don’t want to think about that fact that she could find it while being in the U.S. and I couldn’t even though I was just ten minutes away.

Dinosaur Court was opened in 1854 and had been added/fixed since then. It’s an adorable area where you can view stone dinosaurs in a semi-natural habitat. As close as you can come with modern plants that would thrive in a London park. On so called Dinosaur Days, with the accompaniment of a free ticket, you can go on an up-close tour of the Dinosaur Islands, catch a related children’s theatre show, and even have dinner in the park. As well as participate in the Paleo Planting Project. Although today was one of these special days, I didn’t realize until I got there that I needed a ticket. I was quite sad when I found out.

The park also has a range of other daily activities and events including a skatepark, maze, urban farm, museum, terraces, and paddle boating. I was able to walk around the boating lake, through some of the green park areas, and visit the Italian terraces, some of the few remains of the fire that destroyed the Crystal Palace. Sadly, I didn’t wasn’t able to stop by the farm or museum, partly because I didn’t know the location of the farm or

existence of the museum. I really should have researched ahead of time. And partly because my study centre is in central London and it’s almost an hour bus ride there and back. It was actually over an hour on the way back due to traffic. Since I didn’t leave till 2:30, it was almost six by the time I got back.


However, if I ever feel like making the trip again, I would really like to see the things I missed. Plus, the bus rides gave me time to read the library book that I checked out almost two weeks ago. I must return it at the end of the two weeks and I’m only a hundred pages in. It’s ve

ry good though. It’s “Full Dark, No Stars” by Stephen King, the

first actual Stephen King horror I have ever read. It’s a good introduction since it is a collection four shorter stories.

Anyway, I got all my information from the Crystal Palace Park’s official sight and look forward to updating you on my next adventure.

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