Cinemas: London vs. America

Last Thursday I went to my first movie since I’ve been in London. It was “A Simple Favor” starting Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. The actresses were amazing and I really enjoyed it. I hadn’t originally planned to go when I did, however my mother, who hadn’t really shown any interest, went without and before me. I was slightly annoyed, but it pushed me to see it as soon as possible.

Anyway, the cinemas in London are more contained and easier to overlook than those in the US, especially Florida. I am used to Regal and AMC, where you know that it’s a movie theatre as soon as you’re near. The ones in London are more inconspicuous. There are no movie posters outside nor big advertisements everywhere you look. The theaters themselves don’t spill out of the building either. The ticket counters and kiosks are always behind the doors’ tinted windows. I’ve also noticed that you go through a short hallway-like area before reaching the main part of the theater. It adds to the separate, enclosed feeling.

Now I can’t say this for all London Cinemas, but Empire is nice. It is also very different from normal US theaters. To start, the snack counter doesn’t have candy boxes, instead it has a huge display of candy you can put in a bag. I’ve seen similar things in my local Regal, but never in place of normal candy. Another thing is the ticket and seat structure. For some theaters you pick a specific seat that you must sit in, but you don’t generally have specific rows just because you bought a student or senior ticket. I went for a Student ticket which put me in balcony row AA. That’s right, the theater I was in (a SuperScreen room) had a balcony.

I will say this, if you want a great view of a giant movie screen, the balcony at Empire is perfect. As desired the picture and sound was clear, although the movie took twenty-five minutes to start. However, the seats were nice, slightly plush, leather that were bigger than regal Regal or AMC ones. Although they don’t hold a candle to The Cobb’s big, cushy chairs.

However, Empire has something I haven’t seen in any other cinema: 4D movies. Apparently that have a room where the seats move and there are effects like water and wind. It essentially ends up like a ride at Universal or Disney. Once my family visits and a good action movie comes out I am definitely trying it.

The whole experience very interesting because movie theaters seem so mundane, I wouldn’t think there would be a difference. Plus, I watched Avengers 2 in Paris and the only difference in the theater was more stairs.

For now I am signing off. Have a fantastic day and if you know of any good action movies coming out soon let me know.

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